Apple MacBook 13-Inch Is As Cool As It Gets

Apple has always been one of the leaders in computer manufacturing thanks to Steve Jobs. When they transferred to Intel CPUs, the PC against Mac debate has been transformed into the Apple MacBook a crowd favorite.

Teens love Apple Macbook because of its popularity, versatility and of course its personality-based functions. Having a MacBook is cool and you’re like one of the popular ones in school. The Apple MacBook weighs 5 pounds, an ideal weight for students who are always on campus. The transreflective 13-inch screen is great as starting point for novice video and photo editors.

Its keyboard keys are unique as they look like oversized pay phone buttons. Heat is not a factor for this one as it has the thick polycarbonate plastic. The MacBook 13-inch includes two USB ports. It has a lot of special features to offer, such as FireWire port and DVI-I Video out. This may not give you a compelling upgrade if you already have a MacBook but for starters, it’s a good deal to have and to hold.

If you are into photo editing then you might get frustrated with this 1GB unit’s slow Photoshop capabilities compared to the A6030 which has 2GB of memory. However, a Mac is a Mac and it always has an edge over the other computers.


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