Is the Maingear Ephex the Ultimate Gaming PC?

Even if you are a hardcore gamer, spending more than $6,000 for a PC is something you really need to think about. However there are a lot of PC’s out there that even costs around $8,000, this are the three-way SLI PC’s. New technologies have allowed PC makers to make such high end gaming units.

Intel’s expensive solid-state hard drives proved too enticing for gaming PC vendors, and by supporting triple channel memory, Intel’s Core i7 chips invited loads of pricey high performance RAM.

So this is where the Maingear Ephex comes in, priced at $8,798, it is the most expensive desktops out there. If you really have your heart out for PC gaming the Maingear Ephex delivers an exceptional entertainment experience.

The Maingear Ephex comes with Intel X58 Motherboard chipset, 3.925GHz Intel Core i7-965 Extreme Edition (overclocked) CPU, 12GB 1,600MHz DDR3 SDRAM Memory, (3) 1GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 280 Graphics, 80GB Intel X-25M solid state hard drive; (2) 1TB 7,200 rpm Western Digital hard drives Hard drives, 20x dual-layer DVD burner with LightScribe; 4x dual-layer Blu-ray burner Optical drive, Gigabit Ethernet Networking, Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit Operating system.


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